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Double End Rack Mount

These lightweight, compact, and double ended cases offer light to medium duty protection and boast significantly better light duty shock performance than the competition. The use of recycled materials in the shell and a sturdy steel frame offer great value while upholding Pelican-Hardigg's industry-leading standards. When you need to be cost-conscious but can't sacrifice performance, BlackBox is the answer.

  • 24 (61 cm) Rugged steel rack frame with 10-32 threads designed to meet ANSI/EIA 310-C
  • Rack designed for applications up to 100 lbs. (45 kg) of equipment with a typical fragility rating of 40-80 G.
  • Shock mounts provide 2 (5.1cm) of sway space to isolate equipment
  • 2 (5.1cm) lid and 5 (12.7cm) lid with edge casters

Please choose from the following products:

» Pelican - Hardigg BB0030 BlackBox™ 3U Rack Mount Case
» Pelican - Hardigg BB0040 BlackBox™ 4U Rack Mount Case
» Pelican - Hardigg BB0050 BlackBox™ 5U Rack Mount Case
» Pelican - Hardigg BB0070 BlackBox™ 7U Rack Mount Case
» Pelican - Hardigg BB0090 BlackBox™ 9U Rack Mount Case
» Pelican - Hardigg BB0110 BlackBox™ 11U Rack Mount Case
» Pelican - Hardigg BB0140 BlackBox™ 14U Rack Mount Case

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