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Specialty Products

Our specialty products are well engineered portable workspace solutions. These specialty products range from portable desks that set up in minutes to storage chests with metal drawers and dividers to keep all your supplies safe and organized. For protecting personal gear, our footlockers and trunklockers are lightweight and lockable. Whatever your need, whatever the environment, we have a durable solution to keep the job moving along.

Please choose from the following products:

» Pelican - Hardigg FD3121 Single Field Desk
» Pelican - Hardigg FD3429 Double Duty Field Desk
» Pelican - Hardigg FT3317 Footlocker
» Pelican - Hardigg MC3000 Medchest 3
» Pelican - Hardigg MC4100 Medchest 4 Drawer
» Pelican - Hardigg MC8100 Medchest 8 Drawer
» Pelican - Hardigg TL3619 Trunklocker

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